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New Brochure and Webpage Dedicated to Water Analysis

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The brochure, Water Analysis, can be ordered free of charge and is a condensed summary of the Metrohm’s comprehensive know-how in assuring the quality of water in its various forms and uses:

•    drinking water
•    sea water
•    water for pharmaceutical use
•    ultrapure water
•    cooling water and boiler feed water
•    process water
•    waste water

Using the most important national and international standards (DIN, EPA, ISO, ASTM etc.) as a matrix, Water Analysis suggests methods and instrumentation suited best to check the respective parameters. Methods include pH and conductivity measurement, titration, ion chromatography, voltammetry, atline and online process analysis. Water Analysis is of great value for anyone who is involved in the professional quality assurance of water.

Prosp_Wasseranalytik_e_s1 copy.gif

Water Analysis Brochure from Metrohm

The easiest way to access Metrohm’s complete know-how on water analysis is the website water.metrohm.com. Here you can find a multitude of applications as well as information on analytical instrumentation for water analysis.