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New Microwave Platform Reduces Solvent Usage and Extraction Times

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The new Discover® SP‐X is a remarkable automated, sequential microwave system that quickly and efficiently performs solid‐liquid solvent extractions on a wide variety of matrices including foods, plastics and polymers, environmental samples, textiles, and more. The system offers full temperature control of every sample and works with all solvents including polar and non‐polar. Microwave energy raises the solvent temperature above the boiling point, allowing for higher extraction efficiencies and samples are run using a programmed method, ensuring uniformity of extraction times and conditions. Compact and easy‐to‐use, the system features simple set‐up and intuitive method programming. Vessels are available in 35‐ and 80‐mL sizes with simple snap‐on caps. The optional automation deck allows technicians to work on other tasks while the Discover SP‐X runs unattended, even overnight. Integrated stirring technology provides uniformity in the sample mixture. A typical extraction is ready in 10 ‐ 20 minutes, including cool down.