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New Open Channel Flow Monitors Offers Reliability and Accuracy

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The monitor features the ability to accept any 4-20 milli-amps (mA) water level sensor input, a water resistant enclosure, an easy to use eight button keypad, and a large LCD screen.  Additional enhancements offer a large choice of user selectable flow units and four unique flow calculation options, including more than 40 preprogrammed flume and weir tables, a Manning’s equation mode, standard flow definition entry, and a 3rd order polynomial coefficient mode. The instrument’s four independent relay outputs allow it to trigger a water sampler or other device, while the 4-20mA output allows a PLC or datalogger to monitor or record flow measurements.


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Global Water marketing manager Ted Helms said, “After careful study and customer feedback, the enhanced features of the new FC220 Open Channel Flow Monitors directly address the biggest challenges our customers face in-the-field by providing convenience and reliability to ensure error-free and accurate measurements.”