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New Options for Electrochemical Sensor Development

New Options for Electrochemical Sensor Development content piece image
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Metrohm DropSens has announced new capabilities that facilitate the high-volume production of customized electrochemical sensors. Custom sensors are manufactured through a highly scalable and cost-effective manufacturing process with virtually no quantity limits. Metrohm DropSens supports the entire development and production process, from initial conceptualization to in-depth prototype design. Global Metrohm experts help customers turn an idea, an application or developing research into a market-ready solution that guarantees cost-effective production and the highest levels of product quality and stability.

The size, shape, area, and substrate material of sensors can be customized for individual application requirements. Furthermore, the versatility of a wide range of materials allows these sensors to be adapted to applications to measure an array of parameters. Common industries include pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, environmental analysis, water contamination, illicit drug detection, and agriculture.

"Whether they are a well-established company or a new start-up venture, we are excited to offer our customers the opportunity to bring their ideas to life," said Ed Colihan, President and CEO of Metrohm USA. "Our customization capabilities will make a real difference for many applications, including virus detection and electrochemical surface-enhanced Raman scattering."

Custom production and high-volume manufacturing of electrochemical sensors give Metrohm DropSens customers the means to respond to new analytical paradigms and achieve powerful and accurate results.