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New Partnership to Evaluate Innovative Crop Biocontrol Products

New Partnership to Evaluate Innovative Crop Biocontrol Products content piece image
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Amoéba, producer of a biocontrol product for plant protection, still in the testing phase, has announced the signature of a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) with Stähler Suisse SA, distributors of plant protection products and biocontrol solutions in Switzerland. This partnership aims to extend the performance assessment of Amoéba's biocontrol products on grapes and potatoes.

The purpose of the research partnership is the delivery by Amoéba of experimental products containing the amoeba lysate Willaertia magna C2c Maky. In return, Stähler Suisse SA will carry out its own field trials in order to assess the performance of these products in preventing essential diseases specific to the crops tested.

Amoéba and Stähler Suisse SA are thus starting a targeted research phase which could lead to the commercial development of Amoéba's biocontrol solutions if it proves to be successful. "Our market is in demand for innovative crop protection solutions that are both effective and environmentally friendly. This is the case with Amoéba's biocontrol products and STÄHLER SUISSE SA hopes to extend this partnership to other promising solutions for tomorrow's agriculture. " says Simon Gasser, Head of Development and Registration at Stähler Suisse SA.