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New Psychedelic Company Combines Neuroscience & Ceremonial Healing

New Psychedelic Company Combines Neuroscience & Ceremonial Healing content piece image
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Dimensions Health Centres (“Dimensions”), a psychedelic treatment company, officially announced the company formation and subsequent closure of an initial, oversubscribed round of funding. The management team is led by CEO and co-founder Christopher Dawson, COO and co-founder Andrew Galloway, and Chairperson and co-founder David Heden.

Dimensions will offer an innovative and comprehensive model of care, combining a neuroscientific approach with traditional, ceremonial-focused healing practices, at destination retreats that will be specifically designed to help clients connect with the surrounding natural environment. In addition to the development of treatment resorts, the Company plans to establish institutional and academic partnerships to further research and developmental contributions to create stronger, evidenced-based models of psychedelic treatment and care.

“The enthusiasm from our investors highlights a deep interest in creating an entirely new mental healthcare model and this funding will accelerate our progress timeline to do so. Our management and clinical teams bring unmatched experience from both client care, as well as psychedelic and medical perspectives. We are passionately committed to shifting the paradigm around the delivery and standard of care for clients of all backgrounds, through the transformational power of plant medicine,” said Christopher Dawson, CEO of Dimensions.

The funds from the initial round will allow Dimensions to establish and open their first destination to be located within Ontario, invest further into operational growth and program development, and begin to develop a comprehensive research program. The timeline and future growth phases will include a roll out of international treatment locations as well. 

David Heden, Chairman, said, “The psychedelic space is expanding rapidly, and our focus on the whole plant makes us unique versus those seeking synthetic derivatives.  Moreover, we have assembled a team that puts integrity and safety in psychedelics at the forefront of our approach.”

Andrew Galloway, COO of Dimensions, added, “The Dimensions model will, without a doubt, shift the way we look to help people. Plant medicines and psychedelics have been used for thousands of years in many cultures and societies, and it is time this ancient wisdom is brought into the mainstream, in combination with all advancements in modern medical science.”

The Dimensions retreat program will combine psychedelic inspired psychotherapies in combination with proven, effective, complementary practices such as biofeedback, somatic awareness, and others, with a focus on integration through community-focused follow up care.