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New Sieving Machine Air Sizer 200: For most efficient particle sizing in the micron range

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It is also the perfect instrument to quickly provide a sieve cut of powdered materials. Most sieving operations on the Air Sizer take only a matter of minutes. Useful functions including the ability to regulate the level of vacuum, and constant or timed operation help to achieve optimum performance. The Air Sizer 200 is easy to use, extremely efficient and provides accurate and reproducible results.

The new sieving machine Air Sizer 200 is available as of September 2014.


• Advanced air jet technology for fine particles, usable for dry material 20 µm upwards

• Digital controls for easy and reliable operation

• Suitable for 203 mm (8’’) and 200 mm premium air-jet sieves

• Adjustable nozzle speed, 5 - 55 rpm 

• Pre filter unit & vacuum cleaner available as accessories 

• Ideal for fine electrostatic powders

• Maintenance-free

• Voltage-independent