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New Total Residual Oxidant Analyzer Designed for Low ppb Chlorine Concentration Measurements in Wastewater

New Total Residual Oxidant Analyzer Designed for Low ppb Chlorine Concentration Measurements in Wastewater content piece image
Thermo Scientific Orion 7070iX TRO Analyzer
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Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed a new Total Residual Oxidant (TRO) analyzer to address the needs of the wastewater industry, which calls for a robust, dependable instrument capable of reliably measuring low ppb chlorine concentrations in effluent and treated wastewater in line with stringent regulatory requirements.

Operating on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-approved iodometric electrode technology, the Thermo Scientific Orion 7070iX TRO Analyzer has been designed to offer high sensitivity for low-level chlorine measurements down to 1 ppb with 1 ppb resolution. With this unique capability, the system provides users with the confidence that chlorine concentrations in water discharged into natural water sources do not exceed the safety threshold or pose a threat to marine life. For optimal application flexibility, the new analyzer also enables full range measurements up to 15ppm.

Compared to the conventional DPD (N,N-Diethyl-1,4-Phenylenediamine Sulfate) colorimetric method, the iodometric electrode technology does not suffer from turbidity or color interferences, which can have a negative impact on result accuracy and precision. Further, the Orion 7070iX Analyzer is capable of operating autonomously for long periods of time with minimal instrument drift (<5% for >180 days without calibration) eliminating the need for routine maintenance. At the same time, the system’s self-cleaning capability prevents chemical and biological fouling of the measurement cell and sensor, minimizing down-time and facilitating continuous testing.

"The launch of the Orion 7070iX Analyzer is reflective of our mission to help our customers make the world healthier, cleaner and safer," said Amit Agarwal, vice president and general manager for water and laboratory products at Thermo Fisher Scientific. "The superior sensitivity of the instrument allows users to have full control over their chlorination and dechlorination processes, while its compatibility with different water matrices, including seawater, industrial water and brackish Ballast water, makes it the system-of-choice across a wide variety of applications."

To maximize efficiency and productivity, the Orion 7070iX Analyzer can operate automatically on-demand in intermittent on-off mode, based on sample flow: once the flow starts, the unit’s pumps turn on and they shut down as soon as the flow stops.

The Orion 7070iX Analyzer also provides real-time monitoring of TRO fluctuations, alerting users within just 120 seconds from the change, prompting timely corrective action.

The Orion 7070iX TRO Analyzer is the most recent addition to a robust portfolio of process analyzers that measure water contaminants including inorganic and disinfection byproducts.