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New Webinar on Cost Effective pH Oxygen and Conductivity Measurement

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METTLER TOLEDO has announced an on-demand webinar, Cost-effective Maintenance with Intelligent Sensors. The webinar explains the company's Intelligent Sensor Management concept, which reduces sensor maintenance and improves the performance of pH, oxygen and conductivity measurement points.

Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) is a proprietary technology developed by METTLER TOLEDO's Process Analytics division. Through a number of functions and design features it improves the performance of analytical sensors while also reducing sensor lifecycle costs.

Central to the ISM concept is the integration of a programmed microprocessor into the head of analytical sensors. This technology allows sensors to send not only a more accurate and reliable measurement to transmitters, but also to continually monitor themselves for signs of wear.

Diagnostic algorithms stored in the microprocessor use current and historical data to predict when maintenance or calibration will next be required, as well as calculating the remaining sensor lifetime.

The advance knowledge of when a sensor needs attention or will fail while in operation means maintenance or replacement can be performed before process measurements are compromised.

A further benefit of ISM is the ability to pre-calibrate sensors in a convenient location and store them for quick exchange when required.

During the 20-minute webinar, the presenter, Bo Ottersten (Process Analytics Application Specialist) describes the many features of ISM and explains how it can significantly improve production operations across the full range of process industries.

"ISM is proving its value by increasing process efficiency in applications as diverse as biopharma fermentation, crude oil extraction and brewery bottling lines", says Mr Ottersten.