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Oxford Nanopore Technologies Launches Compatible Products Programme To Enhance Genomic Sequencing Ecosystem

Sequencing results.
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Oxford Nanopore Technologies (Oxford Nanopore) announced the launch of its Compatible Products Programme, a new initiative designed to establish and showcase approved compatible third-party products, ensuring seamless use in combination with Oxford Nanopore’s sequencing products. The programme will expand the network of products compatible with Oxford Nanopore’s platform to enhance the overall user experience. 

“Oxford Nanopore Technologies aims to enable the analysis of anything, by anyone, anywhere. In service of this vision, we are committed to removing barriers around genomic sequencing and to fostering a highly functional and broadly accessible ecosystem of genomic tools,” said Chris Brown, Vice President for Strategic Programmes at Oxford Nanopore. “We are excited to launch the Compatible Products Programme to help make our technology as user-friendly as possible.”

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The programme underscores Oxford Nanopore’s commitment to fostering a collaborative environment by promoting cross functionality with leading companies in the genomics ecosystem. 

Key features of the programme include: 

Enhanced user experience: products included in the programme carry Oxford Nanopore’s seal of approval, signifying a high standard of compatibility and performance and a simplified customer journey. 

Community and collaboration: the programme fosters a community of innovation, where shared expertise and a harmonious product ecosystem benefit all members. 

Oxford Nanopore is excited to collaborate with its initial cohort of partners, who all share the vision of enhancing genomic sequencing workflows and expanding the applications of nanopore sequencing technology. Compatible products are available across the nanopore ecosystem from sample preparation kits to tertiary analysis software tools. 

“These organisations share our vision of improving genomic sequencing workflows, enhancing the user experience, and expanding the applications of nanopore sequencing technology,” Brown said. “We are excited to work alongside our partners to bring this vision to life and to continue innovating for our community.”