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Pall Corporation Introduces Breakthrough in Food and Beverage Processing With Enhanced Sheet-Based Activated Carbon Media

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Pall Corporation, introduces a breakthrough in food and beverage processing with the new SUPRA AKS FB portfolio. Activated carbon plays an important role in food processing, but it’s costly and labor intensive to use.  The SUPRA AKS FB portfolio enhances Pall’s existing activated carbon media offering and provides a new food contact compliant solution with higher adsorption capacity which helps manufacturers maintain quality and compliance while enabling more efficient food and beverage processing.


During food and beverage processing, activated carbon is often used to remove off-color, odor, taste and more; however, manufacturers struggle with traditional bulk powdered activated carbon (PAC) as it requires specialized equipment and often leaves residual PAC in the product, adding additional filtration steps and costs to the overall process. AKS FB sheet media is impregnated with immobilized carbon with significantly higher adsorption capacity for the removal of color and off flavor from liquid food and beverages, while consistently meeting FCC and OIV regulations.  Manufacturers will be able to reduce waste, optimize raw material use and realize an overall reduction in operational expenses without sacrificing product quality.

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“Activated carbon is critical to liquid food quality and customers have struggled to find a solution that provides high adsorption capacity and regulatory compliance without the additional costs and inefficiencies associated with PAC,” said Dan Huntsberger, Vice President and General Manager of Food and Beverage at Pall. “With the SUPRA AKS FB portfolio, we are able to provide modular solutions using immobilized carbon which increases adsorption efficiency enabling the manufacture of a quality, regulatory compliant product with reduced waste and lower operational costs.”


With the SUPRA AKS FB portfolio, food and beverage manufacturers now have a solution that consistently meets regulatory requirements and maintains product quality.   With SUPRA AKS FB modules, carbon is contained in a compact, easy to use assembly, providing customers with a consistent, effective and compliant solution to their liquid food processing needs.