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PerkinElmer Expands Analysis and Automation Portfolio for Quality, Safety and Content Testing

PerkinElmer Expands Analysis and Automation Portfolio for Quality, Safety and Content Testing content piece image
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PerkinElmer, Inc. has expanded its analysis and automation portfolio for quality, safety and content testing. Geared for pharmaceutical, semiconductor, biomonitoring, food, materials and academia labs, the new offerings are designed to help streamline workflows, sharpen insights and meet regulations and include:

NexION® 5000 Multi-Quadruple ICP-MS – for demanding trace element analyses, this multi-quadrupole ICP-MS solution drives accurate and repeatable results, while helping to future-proof labs. Leveraging new and proprietary technologies, the NexION 5000 is the first in its category to offer four quadrupoles – meeting and exceeding rigorous trace-elemental testing requirements for labs working in areas like semiconductor R&D and device manufacturing as well as biomonitoring. The new offering goes beyond current triple-quad ICP-MS performance to deliver exceptionally low background equivalent concentrations (BECs) at <1 ppt even in hot plasma and outstanding detection limits in a matrix-tolerant, low-maintenance solution.

Spectrum™ 3 spectrometer – a tri-range FT-IR spectroscopy solution featuring 100 scans/second for pharmaceutical, polymer, materials, food, academic or chemical labs doing advanced research, product development or reaction monitoring.  Working across solid, liquid or gas samples and including options for near, mid and far-IR ranges it brings strong flexibility. It is also suitable for users of varying skill levels as it is the first FT-IR platform to offer a fully integrated TG-IR hyphenation (EGA4000) solution.

For more advanced applications, it can be easily hyphenated with PerkinElmer’s TGA™ 8000 thermogravimetric analyzer and Clarus® SQ8 GC/MS chromatography system. Spectrum 3 also leverages PerkinElmer’s Spectrum™ 10 software (including integrated time resolved software and CFR 21 Part 11 compliance options) and cloud connectivity via NetPlus™ software – delivering accurate results, integrated workflows and global, real-time collaboration.

Spectrum™ Two + spectrometer – a powerful FT-IR solution for routine compositional and quality analyses that delivers fast and accurate results with secure, cloud-connectivity. It also offers a compact footprint, advanced UATR (universal attenuated total reflectance) accessory and rugged touchscreen.

S20 Autosamplers Series – brings sample automation speed, ruggedness and versatility to labs looking to boost their productivity and cost savings, as well as future-proof their spectroscopy capabilities.

“Whether lab professionals are working to ensure the efficacy of pharmaceuticals, meeting materials regulations, aiming for zero impurities in semiconductor processes, or testing for food adulteration, they want to be more productive and collaborative and create highly reliable results and fresh insights,”  said Suneet Chadha, VP/GM,  Applied Markets, PerkinElmer. “Our new four quadrupole ICP-MS, FT-IR and automation solutions are designed to empower scientists and technicians to look deeper, work smarter and prepare for future needs or requirements.”