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PerkinElmer Launches Gluten Quality Testing Solution for Grain and Flour

PerkinElmer Launches Gluten Quality Testing Solution for Grain and Flour content piece image
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PerkinElmer, Inc. has launched the Perten Glutomatic® 2000 System for gluten quantity and quality testing of wheat, durum, semolina and flour.

The solution features the new Perten Glutomatic 2000 instrument with a modern user interface and simplified data connectivity and is designed to operate within automated process workflows. It also includes integration to PerkinElmer’s high-speed Centrifuge 2010 (with two Gluten Index test cassettes) and the Glutork 2020 drying technology.

The Glutomatic® 2000 System leverages the Perten Gluten Index method which, for the past 40 years, has set the global standard for wheat and flour gluten testing. Featuring a large, touch screen user interface (with multi-language support) operators at traders, mills, food manufacturers and bakeries are guided through approved testing procedures on the Glutomatic 2000. Results are automatically calculated and displayed and the instrument autosaves the data for subsequent viewing and archiving.

To further reduce operator hands-on time and increase result reliability and repeatability, the system offers a connection to popular, automated balancing systems for weight measurement throughout the testing process and adds reagent solutions at the beginning of the mix.

The Glutomatic 2000 System is compatible with LIMS systems and PCs for strong data management and sharing capabilities and its rugged design supports testing from the silo or lab, to the processing or baking floor.

“Gluten testing is an important part of helping consumers get the quality they expect from the grain-based products they buy … be it pasta, bread or other menu favorites,” said Greg Sears, vice president and general manager, Food, PerkinElmer. “At the same time, food companies want to preserve brand reputation and members throughout the production chain want to command high value for higher quality ingredients. Our Perten Glutomatic 2000 System helps achieve these goals with ease of use, accuracy, connectivity and global standards-based testing and analyses.”