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Photometrics® Announces its New PVCAM® 2.8.0 Software Driver

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Photometrics has announced the release of the latest version of its Programmable Virtual Camera Access Method Library (PVCAM). This widely adopted software driver for Photometrics cameras provides life science researchers with added capabilities in super-resolution (SR) imaging, multiplexed imaging and other applications.

Photometrics is a designer and manufacturer of high-performance CCD and EMCCD cameras for the life sciences.

One of PVCAM 2.8.0’s new features, Sequenced Multiple Acquisition Real Time (SMART) Streaming, enables users to set individual exposure times for each acquisition of a continuous sequence.

Scientists gain the ability to conduct the high-speed, multi-fluorophore imaging required in SR applications such as STORM and FPALM.

With SMART Streaming, the camera can stream image data with multiple different exposure times without interruption. With this feature, the Photometrics’ Evolve® 512 EMCCD camera is 25 percent faster than any offering currently available in the market.

It allows much faster acquisition of large multi-fluorophore sequence stacks that is required by many applications such as SR. Future enhancements to SMART Streaming will support Photometrics’ full camera line.

PVCAM 2.8.0 gives researchers using multiple fluorescent dyes the ability to match measurement intensities, which can be limited by the different dye emission profiles. It also provides time-stamping and frame counting functionality.

All Photometrics cameras are PVCAM-enabled and the transparent PVCAM interface supports a wide variety of popular third-party imaging packages.