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Real-Time, Wireless Monitoring of Toxic Gases

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ProRAE Guardian puts customers in direct control of their gas detection data by aggregating, logging and displaying sensor information from wireless RAE Systems' instruments and select third-party companies. ProRAE Guardian 1.0 is initially available for customers of the AreaRAE Wireless Gas-Detection System RDK; future versions will be available for all RAE Systems' wireless monitors.

Benefits of ProRAE Guardian 1.0 include:
•    Simultaneous monitoring of gas-detection data by global teams
•    Remote monitoring of wide areas
•    Always on, always connected
•    Displays, views and logs threat-detection data in real time
•    New user interface and easy-to-use graphical displays
•    Reliable and field-proven
•    Remotely monitors numerous AreaRAE RDK instruments and select third-party products

Next Generation of Wireless Gas Detection
Bill Jackson, vice president of marketing for RAE Systems, said, "ProRAE Guardian represents an advanced generation of intelligent software solutions from RAE Systems that provide customers with easy-to-use mobile command center functionality. With ProRAE Guardian, incident commanders and safety managers can make better decisions faster."

Real-Time Data Anywhere
ProRAE Guardian 1.0 improves safety and security from unseen threats by significantly advancing real-time remote monitoring of wireless gas-detection networks from anywhere in the world and from multiple sources, including existing sensors. Using AreaRAE wireless technology, detectors covering a one- to three-mile radius can be linked to a PC running ProRAE Guardian to provide instantaneous readings to multiple viewers across the globe. By adding GPS location information, remote commanders can view this data in real time, with actual detector positioning, overlaid on detailed maps and graphics.

Proven Technology
ProRAE Guardian 1.0 is based on field-proven and customer-tested RAE Systems software technologies that customers have relied on for years. ProRAE Guardian consolidates data from multiple wireless detectors, including existing fixed-wireless, mobile-wireless and portable-wireless sensors. The data is aggregated into a single map-based display for speedy deployments and 24/7 management of critical information.

An Open Platform
ProRAE Guardian 1.0 can integrate numerous third-party instruments and wireless instruments from RAE Systems as a result of its open-platform design. It interoperates with the following third-party components and systems:

•    Control systems from Adashi
•    Joint Force Protection Advanced Security System (JFPASS)
•    Homeland Responder software by Safer Systems
•    WeatherPak and Weather Station software by Coastal Environmental Systems, Inc.
•    DustTrak aerosol monitors by TSI
•    AP4C chemical and biological contamination detector by Proengin
•    PD-2000 chemical agent detector by Smiths
•    Gamma radiation data from the AreaRAE Gamma detector
•    Physiological data from LifeShirt by RAE Systems
•    Toxic industrial chemicals and flammable gases from the AreaRAE RDK