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Roche Applied Science Launches the Ultracompact LightCycler® Nano System Worldwide

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Roche Applied Science has launched its new real-time PCR system on June 27th, 2011. The small, silent, sleek LightCycler® Nano Instrument supports technology for fast PCR protocols featuring leading edge thermal resolution and reproducibility. This powerful newcomer to the LightCycler® family offers plenty of options in an incredibly small platform.

As reported earlier, the LightCycler® Nano Real-Time PCR System is the product of an exclusive OEM agreement with IT-IS Life Sciences Ltd (UK and Ireland), using proprietary Roche dyes and reagents for precise and reproducible DNA amplification and melting curve analysis.

Complete spectral information is provided for a broad range of dyes, supporting all state-of-the art assay formats and real-time PCR applications.

With the LightCycler® Nano System, Roche Applied Science has created something special. Intuitive in design and capable of being used with or without a personal computer, researchers will have more fun acquiring cutting-edge results!

The LightCycler® Nano System can be used in networks, and does not require a dedicated computer. Either a preferred Mac, PC, or Linux Operating System, or simply a USB stick can be used to start a run.

Gerd Haberhausen, Life Cycle Leader qPCR and Nucleic Acid Preparation at Roche Applied Science, reported that “Like all LightCycler® Real-Time PCR Instruments, the LightCycler® Nano Real-Time PCR Instrument produces high quality qPCR, genotyping and high resolution melting data using easy-fit reagents, reaction vessels and instrumentation.”

He adds: “The LightCycler® Nano Real-Time PCR System was built to enjoy in every lab, on every bench. Serious PCR and fun!”