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RTS Life Science Meets Demand for Small Scale Automated Sample Storage Using Industry standard Labware

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Designed for use with the widest possible range of industry standard labware, the RTS A2 offers unparalleled levels of flexibility and is RTS Life Science’s latest and smallest addition to its extensive automated sample management portfolio.

The RTS A2 is a modular automated storage system that enables the storage of samples in a controlled temperature environment. To maximise sample integrity, this innovative system cherry picks samples, stored in a variety of industry standard microtubes and vials, at the storage temperature. Utilising industry standard robotics and RTS’ robust sample tracking software, the RTS A2 offers a reliable, flexible and cost-effective entry point to automated sample storage and retrieval.

With a capacity of up to 76,800 microtubes / 1000 plates, a single A2 system can be readily expanded by the addition of a second or third unit in order to increase capacity in line with the growth in sample collections. A2 is quick and easy to install, requiring minimal facilities, simple to operate and can be used either as a stand-alone system or integrated into other automation via its’ external transfer station.

The new RTS A2 comes complete with a 12 month warranty and a number of aftersales support and development package options. The addition of A2 to its product portfolio means RTS Life Science is now able to offer scaleable automated sample management solutions whatever the size of organisation, all backed by RTS after-sales service and support.

From academia, through small biotech to large pharma, the RTS range of automated storage and retrieval products including A2, SmaRTStoreTM, Sample-StoreTM and Compact-StoreTM, cater for standalone, integrated, distributed, satellite, archive and working storage needs.  With excellent storage densities in all products, RTS solutions are highly space efficient and offer safe, secure and reliable storage for both chemical and biological samples.