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SCION SQ and TQ – The Gas Chromatographer‘s Detectors

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The SCION GC-MS Series sets a new industry standard for GC-MS. The SCION series is designed to be simple to use, incredibly sensitive, and deliver robust and reliable performance. All this comes complete in a space saving package that makes upgrading to new level of performance a simple and cost effective process.

The SCION SQ and TQ detectors come with an MRM Method Builder – designed by Chromatographers. You do not need to know the MRM transition of an analyte, the software auto-fills this for you. Simply drag in the name of your compound from the factory installed compound library, that contains over 2500 MRM transitions, and the software sets up the method and manages the duty cycle.

SCION SQ and SCION TQ set new standards of performance in:

•    Food Analysis and Testing
•    Environmental Analysis
•    Forensics/Toxicology
•    Sports Medicine/Doping Control
•    Petroleum, Fuels and Hydrocarbon Analysis

Both the SCION SQ and SCION TQ are available with the new, compact 436 Gas Chromatograph. For those requiring more GC flexibility, the 455 Laboratory GC is also available. The 436 and 455 are designed to provide complete sample integrity with fast oven performance, flexible inlet / detector options, and a wide variety of automations / sample handling capabilities.