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SPECTROBLUE High-Performance ICP-OES Spectrometer

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Designed for the Environmental Laboratory

“SPECTROBLUE was designed specifically to set new levels of performance for routine laboratory analysis.  The highly versatile instrument will find application wherever stability, uninterrupted operation and throughput are as important as sensitivity and resolution”, notes Olaf Schulz, Product Manager ICP-OES. “Reliability and high sample throughput, combined with high sensitivity and an exceptional price-performance ratio, make this instrument the perfect solution for environmental laboratories.”


“SPECTROBLUE is particularly suited to the routine analysis of environmental samples, such as water, soil, sludge and filter dust,” he adds. “Ease of use and adherence to international norms are especially important to this market. The factory-installed methods for many environmental applications available with SPECTROBLUE, along with SPECTRO’s U.S. EPA-compliant sample logic, make it easy for laboratories to adopt this instrument and benefit from the many advantages it offers”
New Design, New Sensitivity and Lower Running Costs

Sensitivity can be of paramount importance in environmental analysis, and SPECTRO’s new axial OPI-AIR interface offers sub-parts-per-billion detection – up to six times lower than that achievable with a conventional radial observation system - while eliminating the matrix effects typically associated with this technique.

Furthermore the OPI-AIR interface finally rids ICP-OES spectrometers of the need for external refrigeration and liquid cooling systems. The entire instrument, generator and interface are now air cooled, reducing both capital and running costs. The new design, however, does more than just save costs.  By using bayonet mounts, all sample introduction components now can easily be replaced or removed for cleaning without the need for complex realignment or re-optimization.

For those not needing the ultimate in sensitivity, SPECTRO’s SPI (Side-on Plasma Interface) provides linearity up to nine orders of magnitude as well as additional accuracy and precision at higher concentrations while maintaining high UV performance.

Innovative Optics Eliminate Gas Purging

SPECTROBLUE’s sealed optical system and unique UV-PLUS feature ensure excellent long-term stability while eliminating costly consumable purge gases. The savings achieved can amount to a third of the instrument’s initial purchase price over the lifetime of the instrument.

SPECTROBLUE is equipped with SPECTRO’s proprietary SMART ANALYZER VISION software, whose adaptable interface makes it easy for users of all experience levels to take full advantage of the instrument’s simplified operation and unique analytical capabilities.