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Sterilis Solutions and Polycarbin Partner To Close the Loop for Treated Regulated Medical Waste Plastics

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Sterilis Solutions and Polycarbin proudly announce their strategic partnership aimed at enhancing sustainability in laboratory waste management.

Sterilis, with its innovative Remediator technology, empowers labs to convert regulated medical waste (RMW) into harmless, unrecognizable material within about 60 minutes. Their mission is centered on providing environmentally conscious and forward-thinking solutions for on-site waste management.

Polycarbin, renowned for scaling the only circular economy for lab consumables, offers a unique approach to lab plastic waste. By providing comprehensive stewardship of rigid plastic streams and remanufacturing them into new lab products, Polycarbin significantly reduces the environmental impact of laboratory research.

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The collaboration allows Sterilis customers to participate in the industry's only closed-loop supply chain. Likewise, Polycarbin customers gain expanded options for recycling hard-toprocess materials while obtaining lab products that align with their sustainability goals.

"Through our collaboration with Polycarbin, we're extending our commitment to sustainability. Together, we're not just treating waste; we're transforming it into a valuable resource for labs." - Andy Marshall, Sterilis Solutions CEO.

"Partnering with Sterilis aligns with our goal of diverting as much single-use plastic waste from landfills and incinerators as possible. Our customers will now have a more comprehensive service offering further reducing their carbon impact." - Noah Pyles, Polycarbin Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer.

Together, Sterilis and Polycarbin offer a complete, sustainable solution for labs that understand resource management for their operations. It's not just about waste management; it's about transforming the way labs operate, reducing costs, and creating a positive environmental impact.

Laboratory plastic consumables can now undergo both sterilization and circularization, marking a significant stride towards a decarbonized life science, pharmaceutical, and clinical diagnostics supply chain.