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Sustainability in 2021: Roadside PM & NO2 Removal

Sustainability in 2021: Roadside PM & NO2 Removal content piece image
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The innovative vehicle pollution capture system has been 4 years in development and was revealed at the end of 2019. It has been reported by the Times, the BBC and Reuters among others.

Praxis/OPCube units provide a compact and robust solution for accurate air quality monitoring of particulates and gasses. They are ideally suited for continuous monitoring at two positions on the system: the fume intake and clean air outlet to measure system performance.

Population Exposure to PM2.5 and NO2 cost NHS >£42M in 2018

In 2018, findings from a Public Health England report showed that costs to the NHS and social care of treating diseases associated with air pollution was £43M. Estimates show this figure could increase to £5.3 billion by 2035.

The Pollution Solution system is installed just under the road surface in high-congestion areas, where engine idling creates high concentrations of pollutants at the roadside. Using low-energy fans, the system draws in vehicle exhaust before it can reach cyclists, pedestrians, other road users or fast food serving staff. It is then channelled through an extraction process and then releases the clean air through a roadside cabinet containing a series of filters and a fan back into the atmosphere.

Independent testing has shown the system captures 97% of exhaust fumes, brake and tyre dust and air quality monitoring has a central role to play in the system.

“Right from our early work with academic partners, South Coast Science has realised the necessity of finding collaborators with deep expertise in order to solve real-world problems in a commercially viable way. The role of the OPCube is to provide validated air quality data that demonstrates the effectiveness of the Pollution Solution system and allows local authorities and other customers to prove compliance with environmental health legislation.”

- David Johnson, Sales Director at South Coast Science

Air Quality Monitoring for Healthy Smart Cities

The role of the Praxis/OPCube is to provide data for compliance purposes, stakeholder reporting and return on investment calculations relating to the performance of the Pollution Solution system. Accurate, independently validated air quality monitoring provides the means to prove the efficacy of each specific installation. Additionally, being low-cost and robust makes it an ideal candidate for a system to be deployed in roadside cabinets.

“Pollution Solution provides a much-needed answer to the challenge for local authorities and private corporations of reducing roadside emissions by capturing them at the source. By partnering with experts in a number of fields, we have developed a solution that meets this challenge. The Praxis/OPCube provides reliable, real-time air quality monitoring needed by customers to evidence compliance.”

- David Lewis, Commercial & Construction Director at Pollution Solution