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Ultra-Pure Porous Plastics for Healthcare Applications

Ultra-Pure Porous Plastics for Healthcare Applications content piece image
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A new automated manufacturing system is enabling Porvair Sciences to produce ultra-pure porous plastics that are fully compliant with FDA, USP Class VI and European Pharmacopoeia statutory regulations as well as being free from heavy metals.

Kevin Doolan, General Manager of Porvair Sciences said "Over the last 18 months we have invested significantly in specifying, testing and implementing our enhanced porous plastic manufacturing system. The result is an advanced production platform, with live online measurement capabilities, that can rapidly produce highly consistent and tightly toleranced porous plastics. Moreover, as no release agent is required during the manufacturing process, the resultant porous plastic materials produced have a level of purity that will be readily compatible with even the most challenging healthcare applications.

Vyon® offers excellent inherent properties for medical and healthcare products. Its venting capability allows closed environments to breathe whilst maintaining optimal bacterial resistance is a highly desireable and key property in a wide range of medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Proprietary to Porvair Sciences - Vyon® is a highly versatile porous plastic which can be modified give hydrophilic or hydrophobic properties, or enhanced to achieve specific chemical and biochemical separations.  Vyon® can also be combined with other materials to create a composite product. For example, by adding a material that swells on contact with aqueous solutions to the Vyon® composite material, an effective shut-off valve is produced and unwanted fluid transmission is prevented.