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Ultrasonic Scientific Launches Colloid Stability Analyzer

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Ultrasonic Scientific has announce the Colloid Stability Analyzer. Ultrasonic have said that this instrument is the first of its kind as it is the only ultrasonic analyzer of sedimentation stability, bringing the unique benefits of ultrasound to this field. The HR-US Colloid Stability Analyzer can analyze emulsions and suspensions, providing a valuable tool for R&D and process development scientists and QA/QC analysts.

Ultrasonic Scientific's Colloid Stability Analyzer is designed to provide precise quantitative measurements, allowing accurate information to be gathered on average particle size, particle concentration and rate of sedimentation/creaming and assessing degree of flocculation/aggregation in suspensions.

This analyzer can be pressurized up to 10 bars, allowing analysis of liquids with low boiling points and liquids at high temperatures (above boiling point). The Colloid Stability Analyzer has the ability to perform non-destructive and small sample analysis, as well as the analysis of opaque materials.