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Ultrasonic Scientific to Launch HR-US Colloid Stability Analyser at Pittcon 2005

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Ultrasonic Scientific have announced that they will launch there new ultrasonic Colloid Stability Analyser at Pittcon 2005, Orlando, U.S.A, February 27 – March 4, 2005.

This instrument complements Ultrasonic's range of HR-US spectrometers; the full range will be on show at Pittcon 2005. In addition, Ultrasonic Scientific will be providing Pittcon 2005 attendees with poster and oral presentations on the use of HR-US technology in the biotech, biomedical and food industries. Debuting at Pittcon 2005 is Ultrasonic Scientific's HR-US Colloid Stability Analyser for the analysis of emulsions and suspensions at pressures up to 10 bar.

The HR-US Colloid Stability Analyser is perfect for use by R&D and process development scientists and QA/QC analysts. This ultrasonic instrument is designed to provide precise quantitative measurements including information on average particle size, particle concentration and rate of sedimentation/creaming assessing degree of flocculation/aggregation in suspensions.

As the instrument can be pressurized up to 10 bars, it is also perfect for analysis of liquids with low boiling points or liquids at high temperatures (above boiling point).