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WHEATON Introduces MicroLiter Certified Clean Vials

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The MicroLiter vials are specifically created with the needs of the chromatographer in mind, to allow more reliable transfer of samples from the prep lab to the autosampler. MicroLiter Certified Clean Vials are the only vials certified as cleaned and packaged in a Class 10,000 clean room. WHEATON offers customers the ability to download certificates to verify the cleanliness and dimensional consistency of all its MicroLiter vials.


MicroLiter Certified Clean Vials 

“Chromatographers want assurances of the integrity of the samples being processed,” said Wayne L. Brinster, CEO and President of WHEATON. “Our certified cleanroom production and packaging program for vials ensures we virtually eliminate pre-analytical interference that can occur from other containers.”

As WHEATON strives to be the chromatography solution of choice in the life sciences, its attention to detail in the production of MicroLiter vials proves that all vials are not created equal. In addition to the cleaning and packaging of vials in the Class 10,000 cleanroom, all critical physical dimensions are fully tested, including chemical cleanliness testing performed by an independent lab to ensure that trace levels of residues are not present.

“The result of this process is identical, clean, dependable vials, certified to ensure the optimal performance and reproducible results chromatographers seek,” Brinster added. “But it’s also important to note that WHEATON works with our customers to ensure seamless compatibility with their autosampler of choice. The unique MicroLiter cap and closure dispenser seamlessly integrates with workflows – designed to reduce closure handling and maintain cleanliness.”