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World's First Wireless Multi-Threat Monitors Deliver Life-Saving, All-in-One Protection from Toxic and Combustible Gases, and Radiation

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RAE Systems Inc. has introduced and demonstrated the world's first wireless portable multi-threat monitors that reliably give safety professionals unprecedented visibility and control of chemical and radiation threat data.

The new MultiRAE monitors were demonstrated publicly for the first time at RAE Systems' Booth # 241 at the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) Safety 2011 Professional Development Conference and Exposition at McCormick Place West in Chicago, Ill.

RAE Systems' new family of life-saving MultiRAE monitors combines industry-first wireless functionality with best-in-class detection capabilities for anytime, anywhere access to toxic and combustible gases, and radiation detection information to help reduce operation downtime, increase safety and improve incident-response times.

Cover Up to Six Threats

The MultiRAE Wireless Portable Multi-Threat Monitors are the only instruments to detect and monitor more than 300 volatile organic compounds (VOCs), gamma radiation, 55 combustible gases and vapors, and 25 specific toxic gases - up to six threats at a time - all in a single, highly versatile monitor.

When deployed on RAE Systems' Dedicated Wireless Network, MultiRAE instruments use a five-way notification system for gas, radiation and man-down alarms to provide immediate and unmistakable on-scene alerts while warning safety officers at a remote command center.

New Monitors Join Existing MultiRAE Family

The new MultiRAE monitors join RAE Systems' successful family of MultiRAE products, including the MultiRAE Plus multi-gas monitor. They include the MultiRAE Pro for radiation and chemical detection; the MultiRAE advanced chemical detector for up to five gases and VOCs; and the MultiRAE Lite personal-protection monitor for confined-space entry and other functions.