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Xylem’s Bellingham + Stanley Showcases at Pittcon 2012 New Refractometer

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Bellingham + Stanley, a Xylem brand, is showcasing the new Pro-Juice refractometer at Pittcon 2012. The refractometer has been designed specifically to overcome commonly known repeatability issues that occur when analyzing orange juice during the reconstitution phase of production.

The Pro-Juice conditions the sample prior to measurement, enabling quality assurance and control quickly and easily.

Xylem will showcase the Bellingham + Stanley Pro-Juice refractometer and products from its other analytics brands in booth # 3171 during Pittcon 2012 from March 12-15 in Orlando, Florida.

Refractometers are often used for quality assurance and line control testing of food and beverage products due to their speed of response, robustness and ease of use.

Unlike typical beverage products orange juice poses a unique challenge in that it contains insoluble solids from cellular debris and added pulp that settle (in an uncontrolled fashion) on the prism surface of standard refractometers.

This causes the refractive index and corresponding °Brix readings to vary erratically over time and between applications. This is exacerbated by the need for temperature equalization between all the different samples being measured during a production cycle.

The Pro-Juice from Bellingham + Stanley, a leading brand of digital refractometer and polarimeter technology for the food and beverage industry, solves the traditional problems of refractometric analysis of orange juice measurement by carefully combining dynamic measurement with intelligent thermal conditioning.

The Pro-Juice employs a peristaltic pump to keep the sample in constant motion, preventing the particles from settling on the prism surface.

“The Pro-Juice design is based on our industry leading refractometer technology while also incorporating new and specific features to overcome the challenges seen with orange juice measurements,” comments Kevin Chapman, Marketing Manager, Bellingham + Stanley.

Chapman continued, “It is an easy to use system that combines our heritage for producing robust products with first-of-their-type innovations to address a known industry challenge.”

Xylem will showcase its analytics solutions and applications in booth # 3171 at Pittcon 2012 from March 12 - 15 in Orlando, Florida.