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ZEISS Introduces New Inverted Microscope Platform for Life Science Research

ZEISS Introduces New Inverted Microscope Platform for Life Science Research content piece image
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Scientists benefit from reproducible results from their experiments and high quality image data from a whole range of samples in a variety of conditions. ZEISS Axio Observer combines the proven quality of ZEISS optics with new automation features, allowing researchers to perform demanding multimodal imaging of living and fixed specimens.  

Among these features is Autocorr, a technology that allows adaption of immersion objectives to varying sample carriers and imaging conditions. The correction of spherical aberrations results in improved image contrast, higher resolution and more efficient fluorescence detection. The new Autoimmersion option that builds up and maintains stable water immersion without traditional problems such as evaporation or air bubbles is compatible with multiple water immersion objectives in the nosepiece.

Definite Focus.2 is a novel hardware focus that automatically compensates for focus drift and enables long-term time-lapse imaging and demanding multi-position experiments. ZEISS Axio Observer can be combined with the new multicolor LED light source Colibri 7 that delivers up to seven excitation wavelengths. In combination with the new Virtual Filter technology users can perform ultrafast fluorescence imaging with high spectral flexibility. 

ZEISS Axio Observer features a wealth of interfaces for imaging technologies, ranging from widefield transmitted light to 3D sectioning with Apotome.2, fast and sensitive confocal superresolution imaging with ZEISS LSM 880 and Airyscan, and structured illumination as well as photoactivated localization microscopy with Elyra PS.1.  

The new ZEISS Axio Observer platform is controlled by ZEN imaging software. The current release 2.3 integrates all new features seamlessly and offers convenient experiment setup with dedicated wizards, large-data acquisition, and data processing in 2D and 3D, including a powerful graphics card-enabled 3D deconvolution. ZEN supports open interfaces and scripting, thus allowing setup and integration of ZEISS Axio Observer into even complex lab workflows. Experiment data can easily be exported to a multitude of file formats and third-party software. 

2016 marks the 200th birthday of the company founder Carl Zeiss. To celebrate this, the first 1.000 ZEISS Axio Observer microscopes will be delivered in a limited 200 Years Anniversary Edition with a commemorative signet and an exclusive biography of Carl Zeiss.