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Biacore™ 8 Series SPR Systems

Biacore™ 8 Series SPR Systems

Biacore 8 series is a 16 flow-cell SPR platform that comes in two system configurations: Biacore™ 8K for high-throughput screening and characterization and Biacore™ 8K+ for a significantly higher capacity.

These eight-needle high-sensitivity surface plasmon resonance (SPR) systems rapidly provide reproducible kinetics, affinity, titer, and concentration data, and shortens your time to results.

The blend of system flexibility and throughput reduces the experimental cycle time, even for complex targets and drug formats such as bispecific antibodies. This offers more opportunity for screening in drug discovery and development of small molecules, antibodies and antibody variants to large viruses in pure or complex samples.

Application methods are easily transferred to other labs or other Biacore™ 8 series systems and to our one needle SPR platform Biacore™ 1 series.

Product Specifications
Volume 1 to 200 µL (Injection volume)
Flow Rate 1 to 100 µL/min
Operating Temperature °C to 40°C (maximum 20°C below ambient temperature)
Run Time Biacore 8K: 60 h (unattended operation) Biacore 8K+: 72 h (unattended operation)
Applications Kinetics/affinity characterization, Kinetics/affinity screening, Biacore Single Cycle Kinetics (SCK)™, Parallel Kinetics™, 2D Kinetics™, LMW interaction analysis, Fragment screening, Epitope binning, Concentration analysis, Parallel line analysis (PLA), Buffer scouting using ABA command, Specificity, Selectivity, Potency
Detection Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) biosensor
Capacity Biacore 8K: 4 × 96- or 384-well microplates, normal and deep-well
Dimensions (WxDxH) 902 x 616 x 875 mm