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ICPMS-2040/2050: An Era Without Compromise

ICPMS-2040/2050: An Era Without Compromise

Shimadzu’s ICPMS-2040/2050 Series achieves a harmonious blend of environmental-friendliness and analytical performance through its advanced Mini-Torch System and high-performance MS.
The advance Mini-Torch System cuts up to 2/3 of gas consumption and even allows for the use of low purity argon gas, cutting lab costs and allowing for a more environmental-friendly operation. The system’s redesigned collision/reaction cell and high-performance quadrupole mass filter allows for target ions to be analyzed at high sensitivity and at mass intervals of 0.5u, enabling half-mass correction for doubly charged interferences common in rare earth elements.
The system also reduces measurement time with its high-speed cell gas purging function, which shortens cell gas introduction and exhaust times, and the “ProActive Rinsing” function, which conducts rinsing of the sample introduction system while simultaneously collecting data, improving lead times. These functions are all included without additional cost, allowing for high throughput analysis from the start.
Lastly, the system comes with automated functions to make your workflow more efficient. One function is “Extended Rinsing”, which automatically perform an additional rinse sequence when a target element exceeds a predetermined limit to minimize carryover. Another function available is “Preset Methods”, pre-configured analytical methods with optimized settings, such as plasma conditions, target elements, and mass information for common ICPMS applications, reducing the need for method development.

Product Specifications
Mass Analysis Intervals 0.5u
Eco-Mode Gas Consumption Rate 5.5 L/min.
Normal-Mode Gas Consumption Rate 11 L/min.
Acceptable Argon Gas Purity Level 99.95%
Dimensions W853 x D660 x H554 mm
MS Configuration Quadrupole Mass Filter + Collision/Reaction Cell
Torch Type Proprietary Advanced Mini-Torch System
Software LabSolutions ICPMS Ver. 2
About Shimadzu
Shimadzu is a world-leading manufacturer of analytical instrumentation. In every corner of the world, their products and services are being used by customers to develop a variety of new products to protect and restore the environment and deliver better health and lifestyles to people. With pride in these achievements firmly in mind, they strive to improve their technologies further and enhance their knowledge so that they can offer even greater technologies, products and services.
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