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MACSima™ Imaging Platform – The Next Level of Context in Spatial Biology

MACSima™ Imaging Platform – The Next Level of Context in Spatial Biology

MACSima™ Imaging Platform – the next level of context in spatial biology

Content without context is just noise. That’s where the MACSima Imaging Platform with its high protein plexity makes the difference in spatial biology: It helps you to identify the missing pieces of the puzzle and ultimately put them together. On a single tissue sample literally hundreds of markers can be imaged, and the corresponding cells analyzed to clarify their spatial context. This opens the door for researchers to answer burning questions: What is the relationship between cells within a tissue? Can we go beyond the identification of cell types towards the characterization of the cells’ states? And how can one cell affect other cells in its microenvironment?

Saving time and efforts with ready-to-use reagents and powerful analysis software

A broad portfolio of antibodies pre-validated for this technology allows researchers to start right away. As no laborious antibody conjugation and validation processes are required, first data can be analyzed within under a month. In addition, recombinantly engineered antibodies provide reproducible results, time after time, removing the requirement to re-evaluate each single lot. Ready-to-use antibody plates save users even more time and make for a plug-and-play experience.

And it’s not only pre-experimental work that is made easy with the MACSima Imaging Platform; the entire experiment workflow is a walk in the park because the instrument performs the cycles of imaging, staining, and erasing of the label fully automatically. Very importantly, the integrated, highly intuitive and powerful MACS iQ View Analysis Software makes drawing biologically relevant conclusions a breeze by providing a multitude of analysis features tailor-made for spatial biology research. Leaving you with ready-to-publish images and charts without having to switch between different software solutions.

One platform – many applications

The MACSima Imaging Platform provides the foundation for many research applications, such as drug target discovery, biomarker research, detailed analysis of the tumor microenvironment, deep phenotyping, and the development of approaches for personalized medicine. Since the MACSima Imaging Platform allows processing and analysis of FFPE samples, retrospective studies are easily feasible, helping to develop patient stratification strategies that ultimately could lead to more effective therapies.

Check out some of the papers that scientists have published recently with the help of the MACSima Imaging Platform.

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Product Specifications
Harmonized platform solution With its automated processes and optimized components, the MACSima Imaging Platform reduces the efforts required for the generation of complex spatial biology data to the basic essentials. The benefits of this complete, harmonized solution speak for themselves.
Hundreds of markers on one sample Don't miss out on any information and analyze hundreds of proteins on a single sample in your spatial biology experiment.
Fully automated instrument Plan your experiment and leave the execution to the MACSima Imaging System.
Broad portfolio of validated antibodies Analyze hundreds of markers on your sample based on a plethora of recombinantly engineered, fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies, validated specifically for MICS.
Effortless experiment preparation Benefit from ready-to-use REAscreen™ Antibody Panels containing pre-defined sets of antibodies from Miltenyi Biotec for an effortless, reproducible, and comprehensive analysis. Analyze any kind of fixed sample with MACSwell™ Sample Carriers and benefit from various formats of antibodies for full flexibility.
Sophisticated yet simple analysis software Analyze your imaging data easily and comprehensively using MACS® iQ View. Its versatility and intuitive user interface make this image analysis software the perfect companion for your spatial biology experiments.
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