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PerkinElmer NexION® 2200 ICP Mass Spectrometer

PerkinElmer NexION® 2200 ICP Mass Spectrometer

For analytical testing labs performing trace-elemental analyses, the NexION® 2200 ICP-MS builds on a 40-year history of innovation in ICP-MS and a strong tradition of reliable, easy-to-use, low-maintenance instrumentation, delivering uncompromised performance, accuracy, and repeatability.

Its unique three-quad design, combined with novel and proven technologies, including the second-generation Triple Cone Interface with OmniRing™, come together to offer outstanding sensitivity, superior interference removal, excellent stability, unmatched matrix tolerance, high throughput/greater uptime, as well as sustainability and low cost of operation.

The NexION 2200 ICP-MS boasts a unique combination of proprietary technologies:

- Three quadrupoles:

      - Quadrupole Ion Deflector (Q0) directs ions to the Universal Cell (Q1) with varied voltages, so target ion sensitivity is maximized while unwanted masses are reduced.

      - Quadrupole Universal Cell (Q1) uses up to three gases with on-the-fly gas mixing capability for Collision or Reaction modes. The unique quadruple cell is empowered by dynamic bandpass tuning, preventing reaction by-products from causing interferences with target analytes.

      - Transmission Analyzer Quadrupole (Q2, full-sized for < 0.7 amu mass resolution) acts as a mass filter or as an ion guide to direct ions to the detector.

- Second-generation Triple Cone Interface with patent-pending OmniRing™ technology delivers unprecedented flexibility to handle a variety of applications without needing different inserts or lenses, as on other commercial ICP-MS systems, allowing three modes of operation, as needed.

- Proprietary Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) increases linear dynamic range to 1014, allowing to run both high- and low-concentration analytes in a single analytical run, resulting in fewer re-runs.

- Powerful All Matrix Solution (AMS) allows online gas dilution, improving efficiency and preventing contamination, delivering up to 200x dilution and the ability to support samples with up to 35% total dissolved solids.

- Novel free-running RF Generator with proprietary LumiCoil™ RF load coil, especially designed for ICP-MS applications, provides accurate impedance matching to easily handle the most difficult matrices and solvents. This revolutionary combination delivers superior plasma power and stability for uncompromised performance, robustness, and reliability.

- Low maintenance for greater uptime:

    - Triple Cone Interface and Quadrupole Ion Deflector combination deliver no maintenance beyond cones, for continual operation and improved stability.

    - 34 MHz free-running RF Generator offers trouble-free user experience – the plasma is generated by the unique LumiCoil RF load coil, which does not require water or gas cooling, so maintenance-free, eliminating need to replace plasma load coils.

- Innovative LCD touchscreen allows you to perform critical day-to-day tasks, including hardware control, results reviews, instrument parameter diagnostics, analytics, access embedded training videos, and more.

- External status LED lighting provides easy visibility of state of analysis, optimizing efficiencies in the laboratory.

- Syngistix™ for ICP-MS software features a modern, intuitive user interface that mimics a typical daily workflow with left-to-right navigation and a streamlined experience.

Product Specifications
Depth 72.0 cm
Height 73.0 cm
Weight 150.0 kg
Width 81.0 cm