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Battery Science – Multimedia

Batteries Research: Investment & Innovation

Batteries Research: Investment & Innovation

Download this infographic to explore the foundational principles of battery science and the current state of investment in battery research projects.
Green battery icon surrounded by circuitry.
How To Guide

A Guide to Sample Prep for Battery Analysis

Battery material analysis and characterization is essential for ensuring optimal performance of all battery components. Download this guide to learn more about safety precautions and avoiding contamination.
 Lithium-Ion Battery Research Using FTIR
App Note / Case Study

Advancing Lithium-Ion Battery Research Using FTIR

This whitepaper highlights how FTIR can be used to enhance the development of LIBs by rapidly characterizing their raw materials and components.
Lithium-Ion Batteries
App Note / Case Study

FTIR Identification of Salts Used in Lithium-Ion Batteries

This application note showcases FTIR's role in quickly assessing potentially hazardous lithium salts in a controlled environment.
Li-Ion Electrolyte Solvents with FTIR
App Note / Case Study

Identifying Li-Ion Electrolyte Solvents With FTIR

This application note demonstrates how FTIR can be used to assess LIB-electrolyte solvents and create spectral libraries to enhance the development of your LIB technology.
Lithium-ion batteries
How To Guide

Choose the Right Instrument for Your Battery Analysis

This guide highlights robust and comprehensive testing solutions to unlock the potential of lithium-ion batteries and accelerate battery development.
A graphic showing a line of batteries with decreasing charge indication levels, like an evolutionary line.

Who Invented Batteries?

Batteries have gone through a long journey of discovery and development to get to where they are today. In this listicle, we take a look at some of the landmark advancements in the history of batteries that have helped to shape their improvement and evolution.
Charging Forward: Solutions for Lithium-Ion Battery and Research Development content piece image

Charging Forward: Solutions for Lithium-Ion Battery and Research Development

Lithium-ion batteries are ubiquitous in modern technology - but can manufacturing techniques keep up? This infographic explores how spectroscopy and microscopy techniques can be used to enhance and improve battery manufacture and development.
Battery Materials Analysis content piece image

Battery Materials Analysis

In this infographic, we explore the need for battery materials analysis, in particular lithium ion (Li–ion) batteries, and the techniques that facilitate this.
Supporting Battery Makers Around the World content piece image

Supporting Battery Makers Around the World

At Malvern Panalytical, we are proud to support battery makers around the world with a complete range of physical, chemical, and structural analysis solutions. These solutions help determine a range of critical parameters: from particle size, shape, and elemental composition, to the crystal structure, polymer molecular size and weight, weight, branching, and battery cell degradation mechanisms.