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CRISPR and Genome Editing – Multimedia

DNA double helix.

Economies of Scale: The Top 5 Considerations for Successful Cell and Gene Therapy Fill/Finish Scale-Up

How can you successfully scale your cell and gene therapy fill/finish process to minimize manual involvement, reduce the specialized training required, and deliver high-quality, high-value products, efficiently?
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Ensuring Biotherapeutic Products Are Mycoplasma-Free

Vaccines, cell and gene therapy products must be certified as mycoplasma-free to meet regulatory requirements. Hence, mycoplasma contamination testing is a vital step in the biologics manufacturing process.
gene and cell therapy
How To Guide

A Guide to Gene and Cell Therapy Workflows

This handbook offers a practical guide to end-to-end GCT workflows, featuring tips, tricks and solutions to support a variety of high-throughput applications.
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Revolutionizing Drug Discovery With Genomic Screening

This episode explores revolutionizing drug discovery with genomic screening.
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"Environmental Monitoring in Biopharmaceutical Facilities

In this episode we discuss environmental monitoring, regulations, and introduce the Applied Biosystems MicroSEQ™ Rapid microbial ID system.
Successful Cell and Gene Therapy
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Exploring Successful Cell and Gene Therapy Development

Cell and gene therapies and regenerative medicines (CGT&RMs) offer remarkable biotherapeutic promise. However, developing and manufacturing CGT&RMs is no easy task, particularly when choosing how and where to deliver the production of a therapeutic.
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An Introduction to Organ-on-a-Chip Technology

This eBook provides an introduction to Organ-on-a-Chip technology and highlights the latest solutions available to support drug discovery.

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Five Tips on Navigating Your Biotherapeutic Journey

It is expected that within four to five years, biologics will comprise over half of the 100 top selling drugs on the market. However, the high cost and complexity of biotherapeutic development, as well as a dynamic regulatory landscape, still poses challenges to drug developers.
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How To Guide

How To Optimize Your Electroporation

Electroporation has transformed the way in which scientists work, allowing the delivery of genetic material, proteins and drugs. Download this guide to discover tips on preparing your samples and selecting your parameters.

Solutions for Vaccine Development

This eBook highlights ways that you can level up your vaccine research with selected bioreactor tools to fit your vaccine development workflow.