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ICP-MS – News and Features

Petrochemical plant

Why Do We Need Effective Testing Methods in the Petrochemical Industry?

Petrochemicals are ubiquitous in modern-day society. In this article, we explore the need for chemical analysis in the petrochemicals sector and the use of techniques such as gas chromatography and trace element analysis to achieve this.
A man spreading pesticides onto a field of yellow mustard flowers.

Popular Herbicide Ingredient Linked to Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemic in Sri Lanka

The active ingredient in Roundup, the world’s most popular herbicide, may play a role in the epidemic levels of chronic kidney disease seen in rural Sri Lanka, a new study suggests.
Stack of books.
Industry Insight

Fourth Edition of Practical Guide to ICP-MS and Other Atomic Spectroscopy Techniques: A Tutorial for Beginners

Rob Thomas shares some insights about what we can expect from the fourth edition of his book, "Practical Guide to ICP-MS and Other AS Techniques: A Tutorial for Beginners".
Elements of the periodic table.

Where Is ICP-MS Making a Difference?

Inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) is an analytical technique that can be used across a broad range of applications, a few of which we will explore here.
Clear glass vials filled with a colourless liquid sit on a conveyor belt.

Applications of Mass Spectrometry in Biopharmaceutical Analysis

This article will review the latest applications of mass spectrometry-based techniques across the stages of biopharmaceutical development and testing.
A 96-well cell culture plate into which a multichannel pipette is being inserted to withdraw media samples.

How Spent Media Analysis Could Pave the Way to Affordable Alternative Proteins

We spoke to Professor Jenny Nelson and Edward O’Neill to find out how spent media analysis could help to drive down costs and make cell cultured proteins an affordable reality for consumers.
Credit: Solar panels underneath a cloudy sky.

Looking on the Bright Side – Advances in Solar Materials Testing and Analysis

With a global eye on beating back climate change and a stronger push to create better solutions to feed our energy needs, the solar energy market is heating up. Here, recent advancements in the testing and analysis of solar energy materials are explored.
Quality control scientist  wearing personal protective clothing holding up a vial of a therapeutic drug to examine it.

Navigating the Challenges of a Modern Quality Control Laboratory

The modern QC laboratory is testing highly complex drug products using a wide range of analytical techniques, instrumentation and software with continually evolving regulations and guidance, presenting many challenges from a management perspective.
Microplastics: What Do We Know About This Emerging Contaminant? content piece image

Microplastics: What Do We Know About This Emerging Contaminant?

This article will address the emerging issue of microplastics in our food chain, how they get there, what harm they may be causing and what is being done to detect and prevent or limit them.
Improving Speed, Sensitivity and Accuracy of Baby Food Analysis With Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS content piece image

Improving Speed, Sensitivity and Accuracy of Baby Food Analysis With Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS

In this article, we will discuss how triple quadrupole ICP-MS can improve the speed, sensitivity and accuracy of baby food analysis, successfully quantifying toxic elements at the required regulatory levels and ultimately ensuring consumer safety.