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Infectious Disease Diagnostics – Webinars and Online Events

ThermoFisher Webinar

Efficiency Redefined: Advancing Lab Performance Through Molecular Diagnostics Part 2

Molecular diagnostics have revolutionized healthcare by enabling accurate and efficient disease diagnosis and treatments. Aging and growing populations, increased prevalence of infectious diseases and rising costs are impacting the diagnostic landscape presenting the need for increased clinical lab efficiency and innovation.
This webinar series will delve into the intricacies of the modern clinical lab and explore ways to optimize and streamline molecular diagnostics workflows and technologies to aid in the identification and diagnosis of disease.

In this webinar. Dr. Rebecca Yee will join us to discuss the need for continuous development of molecular microbiology approaches for infectious disease diagnosis and management. Throughout this session, she will cover the advantages of ‘sample-to-result’ platforms including ease-of-use, increased sensitivity and rapid turnaround time, as well as the enhancements of the clinical laboratory workflow.
Thermo - Vaccines

The Broad Utility (and Potential Pitfalls) of qPCR in Diagnosing Infectious Diseases

In this webinar, Dr. Jonathan Schmitz will provide a broad overview of PCR in diagnostic microbiology, with particular emphasis on the challenges that can face the development of new assays and impact their clinical actionability. Many of these issues - while hardly unique to SARS-CoV-2- can be highlighted by the evolving dynamics of this virus over the past three years.