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Multiomics – News and Features

A woman sleeping in bed.

Researchers Finally Uncover the Mystery of Why We Sleep

Sleep helps restore the brain’s operating system to a critical state, according to new findings from WashU researchers in biology and physics.
A pregnant woman in a yellow dress holds her belly.

A New Direction for Diagnosing Gestational Diabetes

Pregnancy weight and blood-based biomarkers in women with gestational diabetes could offer a new direction for precision diagnostics, report researchers.
Cartoon of a scientist next to bacteria in intestines.

Therapeutic Food Repairs Malnourished Children’s Gut Microbiomes

New research has identified key, naturally occurring biochemical components of a novel therapeutic food that is aimed at repairing malnourished children’s underdeveloped gut microbiomes.
Ball and stick model of a protein.

TIMS: A New Dimension in Protein Analysis

This article explores application areas that are showing the most potential for this technology and illustrates how ML approaches are being applied to maximize its value.
An elderly woman on a swing and a man standing near

Higher Risk of Alzheimer’s in Women Linked to Immunity and Metabolism

Researchers have analyzed the genes and brain tissue of patients with Alzheimer’s and found that differences in brain immunometabolism – the interactions between the immune system and the ways cells create energy – may contribute to women’s increased risk for the disease and its severity.
Small molecule closeup
Industry Insight

Confident Metabolite Identification for Meaningful Results in Multiomics Analyses

In this interview, Technology Networks spoke to Heiko Neuweger, director of Bioinformatics Life Science Mass Spectrometry Software R&D at Bruker, to learn about the importance of target compound annotation and identification, the advantages of integrating collision cross section (CCS) information into workflows and the benefits of CCS-Predict Pro.
Artistic representation of the gene clusters that influence cancer progression.

4,749 Key Gene Clusters Influence the Progression of 32 Different Cancer Types

Researchers have released a groundbreaking study identifying 4,749 key gene clusters, termed “prognostic modules,” that significantly influence the progression of 32 different types of cancer.
Firefighters in training tackling a fire.

Firefighter Study Reveals the Body's Response to Intense Physical Exercise

By studying training firefighters, researchers have revealed hundreds of molecular changes as our bodies respond to intense physical exercise.
A close-up image of a fly on a white surface.

Potential Anti-Cancer Target Identified in Flies

MYC proteins play an important role in many types of cancer. A research team at the University of Würzburg has now succeeded in indirectly influencing these proteins – with clear consequences for the tumor.
Sampling boats on the bank of a lake.

A Lake's Sediment Can Tell Its Biodiversity History

AI analysis shows pollution levels, extreme weather events and increasing temperatures devastate biodiversity in freshwater lakes.