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Neuroimaging – News and Features

Stonehenge in daylight.

Ancient Glue Suggests Neanderthals and Early Humans Had Similar Thought Patterns

A new study of stone tools from the Middle Palaeolithic period – between 120,000 and 40,000 years ago – suggests that Neanderthals might have had a higher level of cognition than previously thought.
Two vials of blood.

Alzheimer’s Blood Test Is 96% Accurate, Study Finds

Researchers have developed a cutting-edge blood test for the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and mild cognitive impairment (MCI), surpassing remarkable accuracy rates of over 96% and 87% respectively.
A pair of twins laying down in a field.

Twin Study Sheds Light on Nature vs Nurture Debate

The way our brain processes different emotional and cognitive tasks may be underpinned by common factors, find scientists from UNSW and Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA).
A 3D model of a human brain.

Neuronal Ripples Reveal Insight Into Human Memory

Spatial navigation and spatial memory play a central role in our lives. Without these abilities, we would hardly be able to find our way around our surroundings and would find it difficult to remember past events.
An illustration of a man saying hello and hearing its echo.

The Human Brain Can Separate Speech From Its Echo

Neural activity recorded while participants listened to echoic speech was best captured by a model that separates direct speech from its echo.
Male doctor speaking to a male patient.

Clearer Diagnostics, Improved Chances: The Big-Picture Impacts of Improved Cancer Diagnostic Testing

Explore how innovations in the cancer diagnostic space, particularly those focusing on simple but effective diagnostic methodologies, could make cancer screening and early detection more straightforward, improving access and outcomes for patients.
Human hands holding hydrogen fuel cell icons.

The Fuel Cell Industry Faces a “Chicken and Egg” Dilemma

To overcome barriers to the widespread adoption of hydrogen fuel cells should there be a focus on infrastructure or further technological development?
Brain scans.

Brain Scans Can Predict Psychosis Before It Happens

Brain images from thousands of people worldwide have been used to create a machine learning-based classifier that could aid early psychosis diagnosis.
A newborn baby is held.

Preterm Babies Show Different Patterns of Brain Connectivity

Preterm babies have different patterns of dynamic brain network connectivity, which were linked to developmental measures 18 months later.
A gold-colored computer chip.

Combining Materials May Support Unique Superconductivity for Quantum Computing

A new fusion of materials, each with special electrical properties, could enable a unique type of superconductivity for more robust quantum computing.