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Sustainability – Multimedia

A bowl of battered calamari rings sprinkled with herbs and chili with cutlery and a glass next to it.

3D-Printing a Plant-Based Seafood Alternative

Researchers developed a new approach for simulating seafood, using plant-based proteins and a 3D printer, and used it to make a snack inspired by fried calamari rings from squid.
Lithium-ion batteries
How To Guide

Choose the Right Instrument for Your Battery Analysis

This guide highlights robust and comprehensive testing solutions to unlock the potential of lithium-ion batteries and accelerate battery development.
A graphic showing a line of batteries with decreasing charge indication levels, like an evolutionary line.

Who Invented Batteries?

Batteries have gone through a long journey of discovery and development to get to where they are today. In this listicle, we take a look at some of the landmark advancements in the history of batteries that have helped to shape their improvement and evolution.
Tips for a Greener Lab

Tips for a Greener Lab

Need some simple tips to reach your goals for a greener lab that also save time and money? Join us in the lab to learn how to reduce your ecological footprint. Taking steps toward a greener discovery, synthesis, or R&D lab is easy!
Leveraging Microalgae Metabolism To Produce Natural Food Dyes
App Note / Case Study

Leveraging Microalgae Metabolism To Produce Natural Food Dyes

This application note outlines how microalgal metabolism can be harnessed to produce novel food dyes with an automated screening approach.
A conical flask shape formed from leaves.

Lab Sustainability: A Holistic Approach

Download this listicle to learn more about optimal lab design, environmentally friendly equipment and instrumentation, and training and adoption of sustainable practices.
Trios of red and white balls representing carbon dioxide molecules floating around in the air.

Sustainable Methanol Production From Carbon Dioxide

In this video, we learn about the efforts aimed to produce methanol sustainably from carbon dioxide.
Single-use plastic waste overflowing from a bin.

Someday Your Fork or Toys Could Be Made of Sugar, and Dissolve Away

Researchers have created a sturdy, lightweight material that disintegrates on-demand — and they made it from sugar and wood-derived powders.
The first I-Seed robot.

Watch the First Biodegradable Seed Robot in Action

A robot with the shape of a seed and with the ability to explore the soil based on humidity changes. It is made of biodegradable materials and able to move within the surrounding environment without requiring batteries or other external sources of energy.
Get SMART: Increase Your GC and GC-MS Productivity content piece image

Get SMART: Increase Your GC and GC-MS Productivity

GC-based methods are a cornerstone of many analytical and routine testing workflows. Hence, it’s important to minimize unscheduled downtime and swiftly address preventative maintenance to support workflow productivity.