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Restricting the Use of Lead in the EU: Towards Sustainable Outdoor Shooting

Lead has been used in ammunition for hunting and sports shooting for centuries. It is known to be toxic to people, plants, animals and micro-organisms.
Nearly 100 000 tonnes of lead is dispersed into the environment in the European Union each year from sports shooting, hunting and fishing.

Once in the environment lead builds up in soils and sediments and lead fragments can be ingested by wildlife.
At least 127 million birds are also at risk of lead poisoning each year in the EU.

The European Chemicals Agency has looked into the possible risks from these uses to wildlife, livestock, the environment and human health. It concluded that there are risks that are not adequately controlled and need to be addressed at EU level.

This documentary explains the issues with using lead in different types of outdoor shooting. How and why it is used and what the EU is doing to tackle their possible negative effects on our health and the environment.

Watch interviews with leading experts and researchers as well as representatives from NGOs, hunters and the ammunition industry who explain their views on the use of lead and whether there is cause for concern.