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Reveal the Power of the 6-Base Genome for Transformative Insights Into Current and Future States of Disease

In this episode, we speak with Tom Charlesworth, Director, Market Strategy and Corporate Development at biomodal and discuss the revolutionary impact of the 6-base genome on elucidating tumour biology through liquid biopsy:

  • A comprehensive overview of leveraging 6-base genome data to construct predictive models for gene expression, chromatin accessibility, and enhancer status with unparalleled accuracy.
  • Unveiling compelling evidence of how the 5mC and 5hmC’s methylation states of enhancers in CRC cfDNA samples provide an extra dimension in potential biomarker discovery of cancer. 
  • Describing the technology that allows for the capture of complete genetic and DNA methylation data in the 6-base genome.

Join us as we navigate the frontiers of genomic innovation and its profound implications for understanding and combating disease.

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