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Thermo Scientific iConnect Helium Saver SSL injector

The Thermo Scientific™ iConnect Helium Saver Split Splitless (SSL) injector module is a proprietary technological innovation available on the Thermo Scientific™ Trace™ 1300 series GC, offering helium gas saving while keeping the existing validated analytical methods. Unlike other gas saving solutions, the Helium Saver SSL Module is always ready and works while the instrument is running, as well as when it is idle, providing real 24/7 saving operation. Considering that the majority of the carrier gas consumption is due to splitting the sample during the injection and keeping the injector purged during the analysis, a significant amount of helium can be saved if those operations are performed with nitrogen, feeding helium only for the limited flow through the capillary column for the separation process. With the iConnect Helium Saver SSL users can continue to use Helium as carrier gas without supply concerns or extensive supply costs. This video explains how the Helium Saver SSL works.