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A Little Too Loud: Cutting Through the Noise in Your Journey to a Digital Lab

A Little Too Loud: Cutting Through the Noise in Your Journey to a Digital Lab content piece image

Lab managers are tasked with monitoring the life cycle of their facility’s equipment. This includes purchasing equipment and disposing of obsolete equipment, but it also involves navigating service contracts, deciding whether to buy or lease equipment and managing operational costs. These non-core activities can take precious time away from research and manufacturing – so, how can you track the life cycle of your lab equipment in an efficient, scientific and easy-to-manage way?

This webinar will outline the steps you need to take when building a strategy to implement a digital lab that delivers actionable outcomes based on data, not opinions. Develop a successful lab environment that uses data and analytics to achieve optimal scientific asset management, a focus on sustainability and a healthy return on investment. Utilize your lab’s informatics to increase productivity and monitor your lab’s assets in real-time and accelerate your science.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Create a “digital thread” from the data elements needed for a digital lab
  • Connect, develop and understand the context of the data elements to weave a “digital fabric”
  • Transform your “digital fabric” into actionable insights for your journey to a digital lab
Jim Sweeney
Jim Sweeney
Senior Product Manager - Technology Services, PerkinElmer, Inc
Lee Fate
Lee Fate
Customer Insights and Business Operations Leader