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Ask Me Anything : Predatory Conferences

Predatory conferences are deceptive gatherings that mimic legitimate academic events but often lack essential academic standards. They lure participants with promises of presentation opportunities, only to charge hefty fees and deliver minimal academic value.

Which is why we are excited to present an exclusive Ask Me Anything session on predatory conferences featuring Susan Veldsman, Director at Academy of Science of South Africa.

And this isn't your ordinary webinar or passive lecture. It's an interactive journey where YOU take an active role, with the chance to have your questions answered on-demand. 

In this session, you can look forward to:

  •  Interactive Q&A: Engage directly with our expert and gain instant insights into the world of predatory conferences.
  •  Unmasking Traits and Risks: Discover the tell-tale signs and potential dangers associated with predatory conferences.
  • Distinguishing Legitimacy: Learn how to separate genuine scholarly gatherings from their deceptive counterparts.

If you're part of the academic community, this on demand event is a must-attend! 

Keynote Speaker
A picture of Susan Veldsman
Susan Veldsman
Scholarly Publishing, Academy of Science of South Africa
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