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MALDI-MS-based assays for cellular drug action and transport with rapifleX MPP


MALDI-MS-based assays for cellular drug action and transport with rapifleX MPP

Who's speaking at this Webinar?

Prof. Dr. Carsten Hopf
Professor and Head of CeMOS

MALDI-MS is a fast, label-free technology for assays in pharmaceutical R&D and chemical biology. Recently, CeMOS has pioneered MALDI-MS based cell assays for drug profiling and screening, in part in a collaboration with a pharma company.

The first part of the webinar will present examples of MALDI-MS phenotypic and mechanistic cell assays. It will cover the discovery of potential cellular drug response markers, characterization of potent fatty acid synthase inhibitors.

The second part will introduce the use of MALDI-MS instead of radioisotope- or fluorescence-based methods for investigation of cellular drug uptake,  assay automation and evaluation of drug-drug interactions mediated by the transporter OATP2B1. Characterization of this transporter, screening of 300 drugs for inhibition of uptake and IC50 calculation for hit compounds will be presented.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • MALDI MS cell-based assays are a great label-free analytical tool for the investigation of transport processes
  • Cell- based screening of inhibitors can be achieved by using a pipetting robot combined with the MPP software on the rapifleX
  • The identification of substrates and especially inhibitors of transport proteins can reveal possible drug-drug interactions
  • MALDI MS cell assays can help to identify drug response markers, aid compound profiling, and enable future cell-based screening


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