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Streamlining Protein Extraction for Proteomics and Beyond

Tissue homogenization and cell lysis are crucial steps in protein extraction for LC-MS-based proteomics and many other research applications.

During this webinar, you will discover ways to improve your protein extraction, such as by reducing workflow complexity, improving results from scarce samples, setting up robust assays and working with large sample cohorts. But why stop here?

We will also show how the full sample preparation workflow for LC-MS-based proteomics can be standardized and simplified with the BeatBox platform, which was developed for a wide variety of sample matrices and input ranges as well as how this can be applied to research such as cancer biomarker identification.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Learn how to obtain reliable results through reproducible sample homogenization, even for challenging proteomics projects
  • Explore how to simplify and standardize the full sample preparation workflow for LC-MS-based proteomics
  • Discover how the BeatBox, a novel tissue homogenizer and cell lyser, can help you to efficiently extract proteins from a wide range of tissue and cell types
Jasmin Johansson
Application Scientist, PreOmics
Dr. Silvia Wuertenberger
Product Manager BeatBox, PreOmics