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The Most Comprehensive Insights in Cancer Genomes: Translational Research

The Most Comprehensive Insights in Cancer Genomes: Translational Research content piece image
This symposium brings together world-leading experts in cancer research and translational medicine to showcase how nanopore sequencing technology is being utilized to identify novel disease biomarkers.

From the characterization of small biomarkers, like circulating tumor DNA and single-nucleotide variants, to large structural variants and base modifications, nanopore sequencing delivers comprehensive insights into the cancer genome.

The speakers will discuss targeted and genome-wide detection of circulating tumor DNA, exploration of brain tumors and sarcomas and how nanopore sequencing has advanced their research.
Attend this webinar to:
  • Discover the benefits of simultaneous methylation profiling, copy number variation assessment and fusion gene detection
  • Hear how CyclomicsSeq can facilitate the detection of mutations
  • Learn how an affinity-based Cas9-mediated enrichment method can be used for targeted sequencing
Dr. Wigard Kloosterman
Dr. Wigard Kloosterman
Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer - Cyclomics
Dr. Julien Masliah-Planchon
Dr. Julien Masliah-Planchon
Doctor - Institut Curie, France
Shruti Iyer
Shruti Iyer
PhD Candidate - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory