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Applying H2 Carrier Gas to Real-World GC-MS Analyses

Applying H<sub>2</sub> Carrier Gas to Real-World GC-MS Analyses content piece image

With increased price and pressure on the helium (He) market, laboratories are looking for a more sustainable alternative to helium and exploring the option of hydrogen (H2) carrier gas, which can be generated in the lab in a cost-effective manner and produces fast chromatography and higher sample throughput.

As hydrogen is a reactive gas, hydrogenation and dechlorination reactions can occur in the mass spectrometer electron ionization (EI) source. These reactions which make applying hydrogen carrier gas to many applications difficult.

Download this app note to discover how a newly designed extractor source can:

  • Help improve performance of H2 carrier gas for GC-MS and GC-MS/MS analyses acquisition mode separately
  • Retain mass spectral fidelity
  • Allow users to continue using existing helium-based mass spectral libraries

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