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Evaluation of the IntelliQube® for Gene Expression Analysis using a One-Step RT-PCR Workflow

One-step reverse transcription-PCR (RT-PCR) is widely used for gene expression analysis, RNA virus detection, and basic RNA quantification experiments. In this study, we evaluated the IntelliQube for one-step RT-PCR performance using commercially available RNA, gene expression assays, and a one-step RT-PCR master mix. The IntelliQube combines liquid handling with real-time qPCR analysis in miniaturized reaction volumes, providing laboratories a flexible and economical platform to scale their screening workflows. In this experiment, RT-PCR data quality and reproducibility was consistent over nine consecutive arrays, highlighting the ability to process several arrays in a walk-away workflow. Combined with the automated process and economic benefits of Array Tape®, the IntelliQube can be a useful and powerful platform for one-step RT-PCR applications.