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Expanding the Druggable Proteome


Automated Profiling of PROTAC® - Induced Cereblon Neosubstrate Degradation Using Simple Western

Many targets implicated in diseases are refractory to knockdown by traditional therapeutics like antibodies and small molecules. They represent an exciting new modality, repurposing small molecule chemical tools to achieve selective degradation (knockdown) of target proteins. Moreover, they have the potential to expand the ‘druggable proteome’, since they can be used to degrade proteins that, although bound, are not effectively inhibited by small molecules.

Download this app note to learn more about the Simple Western automated capillary electrophoresis immunoassay platform that offers:

  • High throughput, 25 samples in 3 hours or 96 samples overnight
  • Quantitative results from cell or tissue lysates with minimal matrix effects
  • Low sample volume required, as little as 3 µL
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